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Open Water Class March 17, 25 & 26 April 1 & 2 $199.95
Open Water Class April 21, 29 & 30  May 6 & 7 $199.95
DAN Oxygen Provider By Request    
Equipment Specialist By Request    
Enriched Air (Nitrox)  By Request    $165
Nitrox Blender By Request    $275
Dry Suit Diver  By Request    $75
Underwater Photographer  By Request    $75
Night Diver By Request    $75
Divemaster By Request-Ongoing   $250 plus books
Assistant Instructor By Request-Ongoing   $250 plus books
Dive Control Specialist By Request-Ongoing   $500 plus books
Assistant Instructor
Dive Control Specialist
 By Request-Ongoing
$1100 Includes Books

Captain Steve ( Deep Diver )

I am a PADI Master Instructor as well as a SSI Dive Control Specialist Instructor and have been teaching since 1993. I do the majority of my teaching at Splash Aquatics in Santa Clara, CA. However if you have a pool and want private classes I am willing to travel throughout the bay area.

Prices for classes do not include equipment.

For Open Water Classes, you must provide you own mask, fins, boots, gloves and snorkel.

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